How to Use the Right Color for Your Website

Color is one of the essential tools you can use in designing your website. Choosing the right color for your website is not an easy task. You have to make sure that all the colors work together and they send a strong impact on you website visitors.

Here are some of the tips you can follow in choosing the right color for your website:

Choose your major color

The major color is your product color. It is the color that you want your visitor to remember about you. You can also use your major color in creating your logo.

Here are some colors you can choose from:


It represents teamwork, imagination and enthusiasm. It attracts potential shoppers on your website:


It denotes energy, passion, liveliness and excitement. Restaurants use this color to urge hunger.


It is the color for wisdom, devotion and money. The purple color has a soothing effect on people.


It represents simplicity and serenity. The color is highly used in technology industry websites.

It represents luxury, sophistication and elegance. It is being used by some company to show professionalism, class and strength. You can find this color in the most expensive brands.

Using your major color properly

Use your major color in your website area where you want to get the most attention to. Once attention is captured, action can come next.

Here is a screenshot from Alpybus website. The major color used for the website is blue, the “Get a Quote Now” call to action phrase is in a blue background.

Select the right accent colors

You have to make sure that your color mixing is on point. Using a single color for your website is quite boring, you have to use accent colors that perfectly work with your major color. Try to limit the use of accent color to 2 colors only.

Choose the right background color

This task is quite difficult. If you want to always use the right background, it is safe to go to a neutral/white color. This highlights the message that you really want to impart to your website visitors.

In choosing the right color for your website, you have to always put your audience first. Your target audience and the action you want them to do on your site should be your only guide in designing your website.

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